Presenter help for the day

Hey presenters,

Here is some guidance for the day 🙂 The accessibility guidance is important, but consider this to be guidance and not rules

You can see a selection of tips from previous presenters on our top tips site

  1. Try to put the hashtag #PressEdConf21 into every tweet. The uppercase is important for people using screen readers.
  2. If you use video or images, consider using image descriptions. Feel free to add additional tweets (so more than 15) to add image and video descriptions.
  3. Introduce yourself if you want to in the first tweet 🙂
  4. Put a number at the beginning of each tweet so you people reading the tweets can follow the thread. Feel free not to if you run out of space.
  5. If you’d like to, thread the tweets, by replying to the last tweet you posted – see guidance here
  6. Aim for about one tweet a minute. If you want to, feel free to schedule your tweets. We think scheduling and threading isn’t possible. You’re welcome to choose one or the other. If you have 15 tweets, perhaps tweet faster than one a minute to leave room for questions.
  7. When you’ve tweeted your session, add another tweet to invite questions
  8. Remember to leave a a little time for questions
  9. Maybe add your tweets to a moment so it’s a single resource for people to share. We do this anyways, but it might be handy for you to have your own
  10. Have fun 🙂

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